International Singer/Songwriter Search

The 2009 Link4U Productions Song Contest is now officially accepting entries! We've created a competition with prizes offering fantastic opportunities for talented new artists! 

If you believe that your unique sound needs to be heard, don't miss the 2009 Link4U Productions Song Contest. Imagine your song, heard around the world! Enter today and WIN!

How many times have you wished you could get your songs heard by music professionals? Or wished you had a way to reach millions of people to hear your song? Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a video and company behind you to help promote your songs to producers, publishers, and the music media? Over 10 million people have heard our artists and your song could be the next Grand Prize winner. 

If you dream of record labels and music contracts, Link4U Productions Song Contest will provide you the opportunity to reach your personal vision! Your song, or your group's song will be heard by millions of people. You may be on your way to becoming the next upcoming new singer/songwriter artist!

The Link4U Productions Song Contest is designed to benefit every new artist, who participates. 


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